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VUDU To Go is an application that allows you to download your movies and TV shows from VUDU in order to watch them offline. It lets you convert your Blu-ray discs and DVDs to digital copies at home and store them in the cloud so you can watch them anywhere.

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    Guest 5 months ago

    Tried "Vudu to go" last week. Found the main issue is the service/app DOES NOT work with DVDs. Works with many Blu-Rays, but not DVDs. Took the DVDs and a couple of Blu-Rays to my local Wal-Mart and successfully added four of eight DVD titles and one of two Blu-Ray titles that would not work on the "Vudu to go" app on my desktop PC with Blu-Ray player-recorder. The subsequent problem is that while walking into Wal-Mart with 10 DVDs/Blu-Rays is easy, it is not easy to walk back out with them and there is no discount for 10 or more. I would say that is something sneaky that Wal-Mart, who owns VUDU did, but more than likely, it was not a priority for Wal-Mart's VUDU or lack of commitment to get it right. So after almost three years, "VUDU to go" is still not ready for prime time. Also, there are a number of titles that are "not eligible" for Disk to Digital, such as Captain America and the rest of the Marvel movies. And, the manager at Wal-Mart acknowledged there are still bugs in this system. If Wal-Mart truly wants to be a prime host for streaming movies, they need to step up and finish what they have started.

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    Guest Last year

    Duh, it is a pre-order. That means it is not out yet. When it is released you will be able to watch it immediately.

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    Nita Lund Last year

    I purchased the pre order for Maleficent and downloaded the movie to be informed it had not yet been released for viewing. I did not think at the time that I needed to keep the purchased card, not can I find where I need to go to be able to view the movie.
    To be quite honest, I am very disappointed with vudu at this point and not sure I will ever use your service again. To pay for a movie and not be able to view it is not good customer service.
    I would appreciate a swift resolution to this issue.
    A rating for this site would be 0.